September 27th 2011

Rutland Village Joins Exclusive Gigabit Community

Hambleton residents see work start on Ultrafast Broadband the village invested in.

On September 12th construction started in the village of Hambleton in Rutland.  As the ground was broken, so began the final phase of a remarkable story – a Community In Action.

The Michelin Star Hambleton Hotel and Restaurant started the quest to give every one of their guests super-fast broadband.  They called in experts Rutland Telecom, recognised worldwide for the delivery of their unprecedented Community Broadband Service in partnership with another local village Lyddington.

Rutland Telecom quickly recognised that the entire village was capable of receiving the Holy Grail of broadband: FTTH (Fibre To The Home) and was set to be serving a real desire and need for better internet experiences for Hambleton residents, businesses, and visitors.

Rutland Telecom owners Gigaclear provides the physical network and equipment financed from a group of private investors from Hambleton Village.  The model sees a long-term loan secured against the network so that the investors reap a triple benefit: a financial return, a stronger sense of community, and an Ultrafast Internet experience.

And the primary benefit?

Rutland Telecom broadband services delivering speeds of 50Mb per second.  Achieved through a continuous fibre optic cable from each house and building, straight to the heart of collocation facility Telehouse which is the main hub of the Internet in the United Kingdom.

Rutland Telecom has previously connected nearly 300 rural homes in 2010 and residents consistently enjoy super-fast broadband at speeds of 40Mbps.  Rutland Telecom Director Mark Melluish describes what happened as news of the proposed venture in Hambleton circulated:

‘Once the village knew that we could deliver Internet speeds that others had been promising for years, our signup rates exploded and we could put a start date in place that everyone was delighted with.  The ongoing telephony services are so competitive with what is already on the market but we can deliver it NOW.  This made the decision to switch an easy one.

With over 60% of residents signed up in both Hambleton and Lyddington Rutland Telecom is now working throughout Rutland to ensure that everyone who wants Ultrafast Internet access can switch to their equipment in exchanges already upgraded and active in Oakham and Uppingham.

With Government initiatives spreading investment for rural broadband throughout the country, Rutland Telecom is committed to ensuring that rural communities not only access super-fast services, they are working with communities to generate truly sustainable income and services that will last a lifetime.

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