The benefits of a kid’s club for parents starts with the acronym that started it all: K.S.C. (Keep It Challenging). As you know, keeping our children challenged, enthusiastic, and enjoying learning at any age is important to them and so is the matter of keeping them from becoming a frenzied herd of zombies by the time they enter kindergarten.

But what if, as parents, you were forced to drop your child off at school every day? The benefits of the kid’s club for parents of Kindergarteners are many. First, the program provides hours of structured fun that will help them develop their motor skills for later life.

The program is highly successful in reducing Drop-Off Days, which is one of the leading causes of diminished academic achievement by kindergarteners. Another benefit is that all the students get together for the same purpose, so there’s a sense of camaraderie and purpose throughout the day. For more information on the many advantages of joining kids clubs for both kids and parents, see Twin Cities Kids Club.

This reduces the need for empty seats at lunch. In addition, the program provides parents an opportunity to connect on an individual basis with the other kids in their daughter’s kindergarten class. This helps to build their confidence. Parents are given the opportunity to start conversations with other parents.

They learn more about other students’ lives and what is going on in their own lives. The closeness built through this connection and dialogue add considerable emotional support to parents. A third benefit is that Kindergarten Day Care participants are given meaningful and productive homework assignments on a daily basis.

They are also given the opportunity to apply what they have learned in class to real-life situations. Working together to solve problems, to grow, and work towards common goals, provides tremendous educational and social benefits.

But the most powerful benefit of the kids club is its leadership development model. Every week, leaders in the club meet to discuss what happened that day and go over what they have learned. At the end of each meeting, they organize group projects tackle challenges jointly, and plan the next week’s activities.

As a result, each member of the club builds up confidence in himself or herself. He or she also begins to look forward to his or her weekly meetings, each one building on the last. A fourth benefit is that it provides a venue for social development and leadership amongst members.

The club is run by adults, who mature as they take on the responsibility of leading the kids. Through facilitating discussions, role-play, and decision-making, the adults help the kids develop healthy relationships.

They also encourage good behavior and teach the value of teamwork and fair play. These learnings feed into the classroom and are life-long. Through these experiences, children are given a great opportunity to learn and grow.

Another benefit of the kids club is that it introduces kids to the basics of budgets, spending, and saving. Since kids are the central attraction at all events – birthday parties, sporting events, summer camps, school plays, and so on – they should be treated with respect.

In return, the kids learn how to responsibly handle their own finances, saving towards goals, and planning for the future. It is also a great program to introduce to parents so that they can also benefit from the experience of being a sponsor.

Finally, as a member, you will gain access to programs that are tailored to your kids’ needs and interests. This gives you an additional benefit: you will be able to choose programs that suit your family and your budget more closely.

You may also get other benefits, such as the chance to run your own kid’s club chapter in your community. Or, perhaps, you would like to become a Kids Club leader and take it national. The possibilities are endless!