When I discuss integration advertising, the idea of including your sales process to somebody else’s sales process, I’m frequently asked in case it’s just possible to accomplish this in case you have your very own product.

Put simply, folks want to know whether they are able to take 2 separate online marketing tools integration advertising and affiliate marketing and combine them and be successful. Generally, there is not an easy yes or maybe no solution to this…heck you are able to make almost anything work…and in case you do not have your own personal product yet then it does not hurt to give it a shot.

But you can find a couple of things you are going to have to remember in case you would like to go this particular route. So say you’re an associate for product XYZ and also you wish to put your offer…your affiliate marketer link…on John Smith’s thank you web page for his item 123. Also, you can further your knowledge on the latest trending tool in marketing by simply viewing this popular content from Software Nights which you will surely appreciate.

Well, you have to experience a means for John to gain from it, right? So in case your plan just has a tiered affiliate commission structure you may have some difficulties. In case you have a solution that has a two-tier affiliate program next John will instantly get a cut.

If however your item just has a tier program then you’re likely to have to offer John a cut out of your share. Makes sense, right? The issue with that may be in case your item converts well, they could want they need all that commission therefore they might head out and become an associate themselves.

However in case, you have a really unique products as well as the affiliate marketing program is closed…maybe it’s restricted to a particular number of individuals, or perhaps it’s only accessible to individuals with specific credentials…then John might not have the ability to be an affiliate, therefore, the only way he will gain is with your proposal on his site.

See? It’s possible, and it might work. And there could be individuals that do not wish to produce a brand new thank you page, do not would like to be an associate themselves and are actually, truly pleased with the cut you give them.

After all, it’s a cash for zero jobs on their part…you understand, perhaps they’re really busy or even have moved onto a unique task and also simply do not would like to place a great deal of power into which one particular. And so give it a go and find out what happens.

Seriously, so long as you’re positive in the item and truly feel you’re saving both of you, then what have you have to drop? When you’re trying to mix a few different internet marketing tools…ones which work on their own…then you’re likely to have to simply try it! Do not let your innovative choices be stopped since no one else has done it before! Be clear about whatever you would like.

And in case you are able to honestly say that what you’re proposing may benefit both parties and then try it out! The one point I am going to guarantee will not work out…is the idea you are not prepared to even try!